Phantom Wallet

Phantom Wallet is a non-Custodial web 3.0 wallet, and it is the most popular cryptocurrency wallet for the Solana blockchain. This crypto wallet is used for tokens, NFTs, and Defi. Phantom Wallet makes it easy, safe, and fun for everyone to explore all the Web3 has to offer.

The Phantom Wallet is mirroring what the Meta-Ma-sk wallet is for the Ethereum blockchain. It permits clients to unreservedly exchange crypto resources between their wallets and the Solana DApps. It’s a lightweight non-custodial Solana wallet that works in the browser. 

Features of Wallet

How to login into Phantom Wallet

To begin with, 


How to connect Phantom Wallet to my website?

You would like SOL to mint or purchase NFTs. 

SOL is additionally required to pay the gas expenses as well.

 Click on Include to Chrome/ Firefox/ Edge. 

Click on Select Wallet found in the top right corner of the website. 

Click on Phantom and enter your password. 

Simply tap Connect.

Is Phantom wallet safe?

Phantom could be a secure browser wallet whose code is independently audited by Kudelski Security (the best program reviewing firm). Besides, as a self-custodial wallet, Phantom offers encrypted private keys that are put away on your gadget in this way giving you full control.

How to reset a secret recovery phrase?

Go into Settings, scroll down and tap the red button that says "Reset Secret Recovery Phrase" Re-import your wallet utilizing your Secret Recovery Phrase. All of your accounts ought to be recognized and accessible through Phantom once more.